Dr Laura Janes honoured at First 100 Years Inspirational Women Awards
Marc Bloomfield
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I was delighted to attend the First 100 Years Inspirational Women Awards on 19 November 2019 and to see LAG chairperson, Dr Laura Janes, pick up the Inspirational Solicitor of the Year award.
The judges highlighted Laura’s commitment to the rights of children in her work with the Howard League and beyond, to legal aid and LAG, and to equality in the law, acting as the driving force behind LAG’s Equal to Everything: Judge Brenda and the Supreme Court. Accepting the award, Laura gave thanks to the many women lawyers who inspire her, including her mother. She called out the decimation of legal aid and the impact of the cuts on women clients and lawyers, and called for more kindness in the profession.
Among the other winners and nominees were some friends of LAG. Baroness Helena Kennedy QC accepted a special Lifetime Achievement award, calling out the law as ‘historically absent’ as a deliverer of justice for the working class.
First 100 Years marks the achievements of women lawyers in the century since the Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act 1919. The Inspirational Women Awards celebrate the talents of women across the professions, working to support their clients and each other, and acting as role models for the next generation. Laura is an exemplary winner. We at LAG are lucky to benefit from her energy and skill. So lucky, in fact, that Laura and I passed on the canapés to hotfoot it back to Chancery Lane for a LAG board meeting.

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