COVID-19 Resources from LAG
LAG is working hard to support access to justice in a time of crisis for the legal sector that is likely to hit hardest vulnerable and socially excluded people, and the legal aid practitioners seeking to assist them. We have lots of resources available for free and more content is being made accessible online. We are also looking at cost-effective solutions for larger organisations. You can find links to resources and information about what LAG has been doing on this page.
There are a number of Legal Action magazine features relating to COVID-19 available for free online, including law and practice articles that would normally be behind a paywall. In addition, we are making full PDFs of each issue available online to subscribers. If you would like your print copy of Legal Action redirected, please email us.
We are providing a free eBook with any purchase of a print copy.
We are making certain multi-user licences available for organisations. Please email us for further information.
You can now download PDFs of two of our best-selling titles for free: Defending Possession Proceedings and Disabled Children: a legal handbook.
We are also regularly updating which you can sign up to follow and get updates to your inbox.
The Court of Protection Handbook team is posting regular important COP updates at
Stephen Knafler is blogging at