LAA announcement on Crime tender
The LAA has announced that, following the injunction and interim relief suspending the tender, granted on 23 December, the tender is suspended. Potential bidders cannot access the tender documentation on the Bravo portal during the period of suspension. However, documentation can still be found on the LAA's website. This includes the final FAQs and the answers to questions submitted by the CLSA and LCCSA. The rep bodies are appealing for funding to continue the litigation. The substantive hearing is listed for 15-16 January. You can contribute here. If the LAA can resume the tender after the hearing, it will ensure there is a nine week tender period in total, so a new tender deadline could be from mid February, depending on the judgment. In the meantime, the advice is to prepare for the tender to be resumed. Most firms report that drafting answers to the tie-breakers and award questions is more challenging than they anticipated and takes a considerable amount of time. Our tips are
Read the IFA and FAQs and check the 2015 Duty Contract where necessary
Use short words
Don't use words like 'however' and 'therefore'
Use your local knowledge of the PA to strengthen your bid with real life examples
Use examples of what you have achieved in the past
Note FAQ 16.19 - you cannot cross refer between answers, each one must be complete in itself
Don't repeat names in full, use initials after the first time

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