“We press for the rights of those whose access to the barest minimum support to preserve human dignity is constantly disputed and under attack”
Marc Bloomfield
Amanda Weston QC gave the plenary speech at the inaugural LAG/Garden Court Chambers Migrant Support Conference last week (28 November 2018). Weston stated that she believes ‘the fundamental value of human dignity or alternatively, seen from the perspective of the decision-maker, “common humanity”, is inherent in the same rule of law that we use to vindicate migrants’ rights to support and healthcare’, concluding that ‘in everything you do for your clients and in everything you hear today in this conference your client’s human dignity and the common humanity of our British society informs and nourishes your legal arguments’.
The speech, ‘Human dignity in a time of austerity: the rule of law as a counterpoint to the hostile environment for migrants’, is available to read here.
LAG will publish a new Migrant Support Handbook in October 2019 with a team at Garden Court Chambers. The book will be edited by Garden Court barristers Shu Shin Luh and Connor Johnston.

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