openDemocracy looking for case study in civil law for media campaign
Marc Bloomfield
openDemocracy is running a media campaign that will explore and reveal the effects of the most recent changes to legal aid (brought in by LASPO 2012) on individual lives and on the social fabric of the UK.
We have made a series of short films that can be found here:
We are looking for another case study in civil law. We are particularly interested in family, discrimination, employment, housing and social welfare cases. The case should have proceeded differently as a result of LASPO.
For example, it could be a client (1) Whose issue was eventually 'in scope' but their problem was made much more serious as a result of not being able to get legal advice earlier on; (2) Who you have only been able to help on a pro bono basis, with charitable funding or through Exceptional Case Funding; or (3) Who suffered significant hardship due to having to pay for legal fees they could not really afford.
Do you have any current or former clients who have a compelling story and might be willing to talk to us? If so, please get in touch as soon as possible. Email: / Phone: +447786 936 718.
NB: We fully appreciate the sensitivities and confidentialities involved in this kind of project and will respect those boundaries in every possible way.

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Charlotte Threipland is a writer, editor and researcher working with Commons. She is also founder of openJustice, part of openDemocracy.