Course date: 5 November 2018
Venue: National Pro Bono Centre
Course Time: 1.00pm-5.15pm
Accreditation: 3.5 hours CPD
Lecturers’ Names: Ed Cape
Commercial rate: £125+VAT
Standard rate: £115+VAT
Description and brief synopsis
Brought to you by the author and publishers of the best selling guide to advising suspects in police custody, this course is designed to help lawyers keep up to date with legal and practice developments essential to effective advice and assistance at the police station. The course covers new legislation, case-law and policing practice, with an emphasis on the practical implications so that criminal defence lawyers can apply it to their regular police station work.
Topics include:
* The revisions to PACE Codes C, E, F and H, that took effect on 31 July 2018
* The developments regarding police bail without charge introduced by the Policing and Crime Act 2017
* The new ‘place of safety’ provisions in the Mental Health Act 1983
* The Concordat on children in custody, published in October 2017
* Recent case-law on –
o Stop and search (Rabbani v DPP)
o Arrest (Ahmed v CPS; Sowande v CPS; Parker v Chief Constable of Essex Police)
o Police powers/self-defence (Oraki v DPP; Wheeldon v CPS)
o Alternatives to prosecution (R (Owusu-Yianoma) v Chief Constable of Leicestershire Constabulary); Lowden v Gateshead Magistrates’ Court)
o Juveniles (R (Beattie); Miller v DPP)
Aims and Objectives
The course is designed to help lawyers keep up-to-date with legal and practice developments relevant to police station work. It covers new legislation and regulations, case law,
forthcoming legislation and developments in policing practice in a practical way so that criminal defence lawyers can apply it to their regular police station work.
By the end of the course, delegates should be familiar with:
* Recent developments concerning PACE and the PACE Codes of Practice
* Recent legislation affecting police station work
* Developments relating to police investigative powers
* Forthcoming changes to legislation and the Codes of Practice
* Relevant policy initiatives, Home Office circulars and other guidance
* The practical implications of these developments
Area of Specialism
Criminal defence, police station advice.
Course Materials/Resources
Lecture format. Case studies and question and answer sessions enable delegates to explore this area of law. Comprehensive course handouts will be distributed to all delegates.
Details of speakers
Ed Cape is a solicitor and Emeritus Professor of Criminal Law and Practice at the University of the West of England, Bristol. Ed is well known as a regular presenter of courses on police station practice. He is the author of Defending Suspects at Police Stations (7th. edn. 2017), and of the bi-annual ‘Police station: update’ in Legal Action, and is a contributor to Blackstone’s Criminal Practice (Oxford University Press, annual). He is currently a consultant for a European Commission funded study of suspects’ procedural rights in nine countries, and for the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, developing a university level module on access to criminal legal aid.
Booking rates
Commercial rate: £125 + VAT - commercial organisations including barristers and solicitors in private practice.
Standard rate: £115 + VAT - statutory and not for profit organisations.
Unfortunately, we have had to cancel the course due to take place on the 5 November. Please email us to be put on the list to be emailed about the 2019 course.
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