Join us for an event to launch the third edition of Extradition Law, a practitioner's guide with the authors, Edward Grange and Rebecca Nilblock.
The Extradition Act 2003 is a complex piece of legislation and the law is constantly evolving. Important decisions need to be made at the first hearing and while those with a background in criminal law will be familiar with some of the concepts, extradition law is a niche area which requires practitioners to have knowledge and understanding of the developing case law along with the distinct procedure and terminology used within extradition proceedings.
Extradition law: a practitioner’s guide provides a highly practical guide to extradition law for those representing requested persons. It is written with the duty solicitor in mind, but is essential reading for all solicitors and barristers acting in extradition proceedings, from the magistrates’ court to the High Court.
Criminal law, Practice and procedure