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Austerity Justice looks at how the civil legal safety net was established and why it is now under threat, due to a combination of austerity policies and the casual indifference of a few powerful politicians to the state’s responsibility to provide a civil justice system that guarantees equality before the law regardless of means.

About the author

Description: Steve Hynes
Steve Hynes is a freelance consultant and writer. He was previously director of LAG. He is a well-known commentator in the written and broadcast media...

Articles for this book title:

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    on Jan 2013
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    Steve Hynes, LAG’s director and author of Austerity Justice, assesses the cuts to civil...
  • Description: Steve Hynes
    on Feb 2019
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    Steve Hynes is leaving LAG at the end of February 2019 after 11 years as its director. Carol Storer...
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    on Nov 2019
    Opinion and analysis
    Whatever the politics of the next government, LAG will advocate policies to provide better access to...