Publisher:Legal Action Group
Series:public law
Beyond the courtroom: a lawyer's guide to campaigning
Description: 9781903307359
'It is both an innovative examination of our constitution and a manual of wise practice.' Rt Hon Lord Justice Sedley

'A comprehensive, detailed and accurate road map for the new starter to campaigning and a handy reference book for all.' Vera Baird QC MP, from her foreword

Beyond the courtroom sets out how lawyers can go beyond individual cases to influence policy as well as law - and to work in partnership with others to effect change and challenge accepted thinking at local, national and EU level. This is a unique publication specifically aimed at the 'campaigning lawyer' that provides answers to frequently asked questions, such as:
How can I attempt to change a Bill before it becomes an Act of Parliament?
How can my skills be put to best use in a campaigning organisation?
What steps do I need to take to raise awareness of an issue in the media?
How can I pursue an issue in Brussels as well as in Westminster and Whitehall?

Beyond the courtroom is a unique new title aimed at lawyers, campaigners, charities, pressure groups and anyone involved in an effort to bring about change in the law. It brings the constitution to life with a clear explanation of the law-making process as well as practical tips and case studies.
This versatile handbook includes all aspects of campaigning and influencing from a lawyer's perspective, including how to make your mark in Whitehall, Westminster and Brussels. It also includes a comprehensive chapter detailing how to have your say in the media as well as:
Practical tips for influencing and campaigning
Case studies showing how lawyers have made a difference
Template draft parliamentary briefings, amendments to legislation and press releases
Clear signposts for sources of further information
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About the author

Katie Ghose is chief executive of Women’s Aid.