Police misconduct: legal remedies
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civil justice
civil justice
'Lawyers and non-lawyers concerned with complaints of police misconduct will find this essential reading.' Law Society Gazette

This is a unique and practical guide for advisers and practitioners covering civil actions, the police complaints procedure and other remedies such as judicial review, inquests and human rights law. This book equips the reader with the essentials for advising on the full range of procedures, strategies and tactics available. It provides thorough procedural advice and step-by-step guidance from pre-issue considerations through to jury trial and appeal. There is detailed guidance on the most common torts - false imprisonment, malicious prosecution and misfeasance - and clear analysis of developing causes of actions against the police such as negligence, privacy, discrimination and claims under the Human Rights Act. It outlines other available remedies such as judicial review and inquests, and includes a unique guide to obtaining compensation for wrongful convictions from the Home Office.
Contents include:
The constitutional and organisational position of the police
Police complaints
Discipline and criminal prosecution
Intentional torts to the person
Abuse of power including malicious prosecution and misfeasance in a public office
Negligence and related actions
Wrongful interference with land and goods
Human rights and discrimination
Suing the police: pre-action considerations
Bringing the action - issue of proceedings to exchange of witness statements
The civil action trial
ECHR (process of taking a case to Strasbourg)
Inquests, judicial review and other remedies

About the author

John Harrison was a solicitor and partner at Sharpe Pritchard in London.