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‘The book is my bible on legal aid.’ Kate Pasfield, head of housing and community care, Swain and Co.
‘… admirably clear on some very tricky points. There should be at least one copy in every office where legal aid work is carried out.’ Carol Storer, director, LAPG.
‘I wish I could say “this book is never off my desk” but the truth is my copy of LAG Legal Aid Handbook always appears to be on someone else’s … Essential reading for all practitioners seeking to provide a first class service to clients in a post-LASPO world.’ Phil Walsh, partner/practice manager, Miles & Partners LLP.
Now the only comprehensive guide to the legal aid scheme, Legal aid handbook 2018/19 is the one book no legal aid lawyer can afford to be without. It covers the legal framework of the scheme, with full discussion of civil, criminal and family legal aid and analysis of the leading case-law since LASPO.
The Legal aid handbook 2018/19 gives practical, step by step guidance on conducting cases, getting paid, advocacy, financial and contract management, performance monitoring and quality standards and an overview of recent policy developments. There are specialist chapters on family, immigration, mental health, housing, crime and a new chapter on community care. Each chapter has sections devoted to litigators and advisers, advocates and managers.
This edition is fully up to date to include the latest contracts including the civil and family contract 2018 and covers costs, service standards and key performance indicators. The civil and family chapters have all the latest LAA guidance and case-law on scope and merits tests and exceptional case funding and a newly expanded chapter on costs. There is an invaluable new chapter on CCMS with useful workarounds and tips.
Legal aid handbook 2018/19 is packed full of case studies, checklists and practical tips. It provides clear and easy to follow guidance on the ever more complex legal aid system and is essential reading for everyone involved in legal aid from new caseworkers to experienced lawyers and managers.
LAG legal aid handbook 2018/19 is supported by flagging important changes and updates and helping busy practitioners stay one step ahead. The book is kept up to date between editions alongside regular news, updates and case reports and a comprehensive resources page.

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Vicky Ling is a consultant specialising in legal aid practice and a founder member of the Law Consultancy Network.