Publisher:Legal Action Group
Equal to Everything: Judge Brenda and the Supreme Court
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"That's our Supreme Court, where twelve judges have work to do, led by a woman called Brenda Hale, who's from Richmond just like you!"
This beautifully illustrated, fictionalised tale tells the story of Ama, a girl from Richmond in Yorkshire, who visits the Supreme Court on a school trip and learns all about the work of the court and how another little girl from her town went on to become its president. Throughout the story we learn about Brenda Hale’s life - from school to university and on to becoming the most important judge in the land.
The story highlights some important cases Judge Brenda was faced with and explains how judges make difficult decisions and teaches children about fairness, justice and how the law can be used for good and to protect us all.
Equal to Everything is an inspiring story of a little girl who worked hard at school and went on to be extraordinary. It aims to empower children to believe they can achieve their dreams and never letting other people tell them they are not good enough.

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