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Legal aid

Latest articles
Description: Sun setting behind houses

Long-standing housing lawyer Adrian Brazier on what drove him to step away from the social justice coalface.

Legal aid
Description: Buildings USA_Pexels_Brandon Nickerson

Pippa Banham reports on a mindboggling and inspiring learning exchange to visit social justice organisations in New York.

Legal aid
Description: Money_Pexels_Alaur Rahman

I was intrigued to be invited to the Ministry of Justice’s (MoJ’s) Legal Support Strategy Conference on 26 March 2024. I wasn’t...

Legal aid
Description: Keir Starmer The Biography front cover

What does Keir Starmer’s new biography reveal about the impact of his human rights barrister background on his political career? Fiona Bawdon...

Legal aid
Description: People_Pexels_Ingo Joseph

The Public Understanding of Law Survey, led by the Victoria Law Foundation research team, seeks to investigate the legal needs and capability of the...

Legal aid
Description: The Law Society logo

Nick Emmerson explains why the Law Society feels it has had no choice but to commission its own robust research into the true cost of providing legal...

Legal aid
Description: Practice management cropped Librios

Vicky Ling explains what you need to know to clear the final hurdle for a successful bid.

Legal aid
Description: LALY24 logo

With nominations for this year’s Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year awards now open, Fiona Bawdon explains what makes this celebration of the work of...

Legal aid
Latest books
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Description: Jobs and Homes cover_page-0001
Description: Vicarious Trauma in the Legal Profession cover
Description: 9781913648077
Description: Justice Matters
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Description: Cover
Description: Legal Aid Matters_Cover_page-0001
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