Privacy Policy
LAG Education and Services Trust Limited (trading as Legal Action Group) is an educational charity (Registered Charity No 265703). We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office.
We are committed to respecting your privacy and acting in accordance with the principles of GDPR. We attempt to hold personal data only where we need to.
Information we collect, hold and use
We may collect and process personal information through various means including:
When you join LAG, completing an online or paper application form.
When you open an account on our website.
When you make a booking for a LAG conference, seminar or training course online, or by phone, email or paper form.
When you subscribe to Legal Action or Community Care Law Reports online, or by phone, email or paper form.
When you purchase LAG publications online, or by phone or paper form.
When you sign up to receive our email bulletins.
Through social media platforms we use (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook).
When you post a job advertisement on our website.
When you apply for a role at LAG.
If you contact LAG with queries.
The use of cookies to improve your experience of our website.
Personal information is stored on our database, Salesforce, and accounting information is stored on Xero – both secure cloud-based applications.
Email bulletins are sent from Constant Contact – a cloud-based email service. Contacts can opt-out at any stage by following the instructions at the bottom of emails sent out via the service or by emailing us at
Website accounts which include purchase history and contact details are held securely on our content management system, Librios. Any customer can request that their account be deleted at any time by contacting us – please note that this will terminate access to online subscriptions.
Only LAG staff and trusted contractors who have agreed to comply with GDPR requirements have password credentials to access these cloud-based applications.
All online payments are processed through PayPal – please note we do not see any credit card details for online purchases.
All offline card payments are made through an HSBC credit card terminal – we do not store any credit card details after processing has taken place, nor do we share details with any third parties.
We use Google Analytics to assess how users find and use our website, with a view to improving our service.
How we use your information
We use the information that we collect from you in the following ways:
Administration and delivery of your purchase, donation, subscription or booking to enable us to process your order and deliver your purchase. As stipulated by HMRC, these details are retained in a secure environment for a period of seven years from the date of transaction, after which time, they securely destroyed.
Where we feel you will have a legitimate interest in new products because you have purchased similar products previously, we may inform you about new LAG products. You can of course request not to receive any communications from us. We never share your data with any third party organisations for marketing purposes.
Where you have attended a course or event we have run, we store booking information and sign-in sheets to confirm you attended.
If you have opted to pay for your subscription product by Direct Debit we will keep the original mandate in a secure, lockable cabinet as long as your subscription is live, after which, we will securely destroy it.
Where you have a subscription product with us, we will remind you when your subscription is coming to an end and, when it has ended, allow you to renew it. If you cancel your subscription or do not wish to renew it, we will no longer contact you.
If you contact us via email or social media, we may maintain a record of that exchange either on the social media platform or, in the case of our emails, on our secure server.
If you would like to know what data we are holding on you please contact us and we will respond within 25 days. We will also be happy to delete any data we hold where the law allows.