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Legal Action Group
The access to justice charity
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Fighting for access to justice and a fair legal system for all

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The UK’s asylum policies over the past several years must surely rank as some of the most immoral, ineffective, unworkable, unlawful and...

Immigration and asylum
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Professor Leslie Thomas KC and Emma Snell explain the necessity of a new guide from JUSTICE and INQUEST to Achieving Racial Justice at Inquests and...

Employment and discrimination
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Jack Sheard suggests that the new bill could ameliorate the ‘potentially draconian’ consequences of North British v Matthews for universal...

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Sue James argues that integrating legal advice with other services can help people in poverty with numerous problems that a siloed approach may miss.

Legal aid
Upcoming events
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The course is designed for practitioners acting for claimants who have a good understanding and experience in this field.

LAG Training Course
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