Employment tribunal claims: tactics and precedents

4th edition
employment,tribunal practice and procedure
Legal Action Group
‘I would have given my eye teeth for this book as a newly qualified employment lawyer representing claimants.’ SCOLAG

‘Naomi Cunningham’s book … is a rare gem; it is the “flesh that clothes the bones” of the employment tribunal system.’ New Law Journal

‘The text races along and the examples and anecdotes are so entertaining that it is truly a book you will not want your colleagues to borrow.’ Adviser
loyment law ... intensely practical.’ New Law Journal

Claimants and their advisers finding themselves before an employment tribunal or the Employment Appeal Tribunal are faced with many procedures and rules that can confuse and mystify. Employment Tribunal Claims brings together an extensive collection of precedents with advice on the tactics needed to win a case.
This is not a book of substantive law – it concentrates on the practical, guiding claimant and advisers through the unwritten rules and pitfalls of tribunal procedure, providing insight into the ‘mind’ of the tribunal and giving helpful tips on successful letter writing, submissions, cross-examination and draft directions.

The fourth edition is updated to include:
• The new Employment Tribunals Rules of Procedure 2013
• Tribunal fees and fee remission, including expanded advice on deciding whether to bring a claim
• Guidance on the Early Conciliation Process (coming into force in 2014)

There is depth and variety to give reassurance to beginners in the field. Employment Tribunal Claims will also serve as an excellent occasional resource for the established practitioner looking for some borrowed experience of a particular problem.

Employment Tribunal Claims is supported by etclaims.co.uk which is maintained by the authors and provides a searchable update on developments in law and practice relevant to the material covered in the book, plus further additional hints on tactics.

About the author

Naomi is a barrister at Outer Temple Chambers.