Criminal Costs: legal aid costs in the criminal courts

Legal Action Group
Legal Action Group
Criminal Costs: legal aid costs in the criminal courts is a comprehensive guide to managing fees for police station, magistrates’ and Crown Court work. Covering fixed and graduated fee schemes, it explains the principles that apply and identifies the relevant authority for making a claim.
Contents include:
principles of costs and enhancement in criminal legal aid cases
criminal investigations and freestanding advice
magistrates’ court proceedings
prison law
Crown Court work
costs in relation to appeals and reviews
very high cost criminal cases
administrative issues
relevant civil proceedings
The main commentary is supplemented with a wealth of appendices which include fee tables, experts' fees and rates, VHCC rates, classes of offences and court, police station and prison codes so that the busy practitioner has all the necessary information at their fingertips in a handy, accessible volume.
As practitioners are constantly frustrated and delayed by online billing systems, Criminal Costs will save valuable time and help avoid costly mistakes. It is quick and easy to navigate and has answers to all the tricky questions in one place.
The authors are acknowledged experts in this field with many years’ experience at the police station and in the courts. Criminal costs is essential reading for any individual practising in the criminal courts and for anyone involved in the billing of criminal work.
Description: 978912273867

About the author

Description: Tony Edwards
Anthony Edwards was a solicitor and higher courts advocate (criminal) with TV Edwards LLP.