S1 E2. Clustered injustice: Professor Luke Clements in conversation with Sue James and Spike Mullings

Professor Luke Clements, Cerebra Professor of Law and Social Justice at Leeds University, is author of two of LAG's best-selling titles Community Care and the Law and Disabled Children a legal handbook. This podcast discusses his new book Clustered injustice and the level green that is both a departure for him and for LAG as it seeks to analyse the wider issues of truly delivering social justice.
Clustered Injustice describes how the legal problems encountered by people whose lives are disadvantaged do not come in discrete packages but are multiple and synchronous legal problems (‘clustered problems’) in a way in which the traditional ‘single issue’ lawyering approach is ill equipped to deal with.

In this podcast, Luke is joined by LAG Chief Executive, Sue James, who has researched and travelling internationally to look at alternative models of legal advice, and they discuss with host, Spike Mullings, the causes and the effects of clustered injustice and why core responsibility for the harm rest squarely with the state.
It is a lively and challenging discussion of the wider issues of achieving real social justice, the limitations of the law and how the level playing field does not exist. Luke, Sue and Spike discuss how campaigning lawyers can consider alternative models for justice against a backdrop of a legal aid system under siege and savaged by cuts.
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