Chasing Status
Chasing Status: if not British, then what am I? is a report by Fiona Bawdon based on research carried out in 2014 as part of LAG's Immigration and Asylum Law Project and funded by Unbound Philanthropy. It was published by LAG in October 2014. The report highlighted the plight of thousands of long-term UK residents who are unable to prove their immigration status or have 'irregular' status, despite having lived legally in the country for most of their lives, and are being targeted for detainment and deportation under the hostile immigration environment instigated by Theresa May when she was Home Secretary.
This major injustice hit the headlines in April 2018 after a series of articles in The Guardian brought to light several cases of shocking treatment of the children of Caribbean Windrush immigrants, and immigrants from other Commonwealth countries, leading to a letter of concern from over 140 MPs being sent to the Prime Minister, and the immigration minister having to admit that deportations have occurred in error.
The report was itself covered by a Guardian article on 15 October 2014.
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