Useful sites
If you are looking for legal information and advice visit the legal aid section of the GOV.UK website at: The directory will enable you to find a provider located in your area.
Solicitors can also be found using the Law Society’s website:
Citizens Advice has a useful website which includes information on the law and which can assist you in finding your nearest advice centre:
Advice centres which are members of the organisation AdviceUK can be found using the following link:
Advicenow brings together the best information on the law and your rights from a wide range of independent advice services. You can search their database of handpicked links to information on over 200 websites.
Community care
Alzheimer's Society
Carers UK
Disability Rights UK
Rethink Mental Illness
Consumer rights
ConsumerRightsExpert was formed to offer a reference point on understanding consumer rights. It provides a single UK resource for features and practical advice on consumer rights. The site contains features and articles written by professional journalists and experts.
Which? Consumer Rights
A free-to-use website that provides help to consumers getting to know their consumer rights, the regulations and laws surrounding these, and how to take action against everyday problems accordingly.
Employment Lawyers Association
Employment Tribunal Claims: tactics and precedents blog
Employment Tribunal Claims is supported by, which is maintained by the authors and provides a continuous searchable update on developments in law and practice relevant to the material covered in the book, plus further additional hints on tactics.
Free Representation Unit
Labour Research Department
Trades Union Congress (TUC)
Working Families
Child Poverty Action Group
Coram Children's Legal Centre
Working Families
Housing Law Practitioners Association
Human rights
Equality Ours
Electronic Immigration Network
Immigration Law Practitioners' Association
JCWI (Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants)
Immigration Advice Service
Legal aid/advice
Advice Services Alliance
Citizens Advice
A to Z of advice: online advice and links to further information and other resources:
Law Centres Network
Legal Aid Practitioners Group
The Law Society
The Public Law Project
Solicitors for the Elderly
Find local and national council tax resources, and independent advice agencies in your area
Pro bono
LawWorks is the operating name of the Solicitors Pro Bono Group – an independent charity with a mission to support, promote and encourage a commitment to pro bono across the solicitors' profession. LawWorks aims to increase the delivery of free legal advice to individuals and communities in need. Through its various LawWorks projects it provides opportunities for lawyers to deliver pro bono work in as many ways as possible – at their desks, in a clinic, over the internet, taking casework, at a mediation or for a not for profit organisation.
Young people
Lawyers for Young People
The Children's Society
Charter Court
Newcomen Way
Severalls Business Park
Essex CO3 4JH
Tel: 01206 851221
Fax: 01206 851784
Independent Parental Special Education Advice (known as IPSEA)
Legal Aid Providers
A list of Legal Aid providers can be found at: