LAG eBooks
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Most LAG books are available as eBooks in ePub format. This popular and widely-used format is compatible with many devices and eReading apps and programs. Once you have bought an eBook title through the LAG bookshop, the webpage of that title will include an option to download your eBook. It can then be read on computers, tablets, smartphones, many eReaders, and directly in some web browsers. Adobe Digital Editions, available for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android, is an example of a free eReading program compatible with LAG eBooks.
In order to allow purchasers to read their eBooks on multiple devices, LAG does not impose technological restrictions on the way in which its eBook files can be handled. However, sharing an eBook is not the same as sharing a copy of a physical book. ‘Sharing’ a digital file involves creating and distributing a copy of the original file and this breaches copyright restrictions. When you buy an eBook you are purchasing an individual licence to access the data, which is not the same as buying a book in print. When you download an eBook it is electronically watermarked for use by the customer who made the purchase, and only that customer is permitted to use it. If you would like to purchase a multi-user licence for an eBook, please contact LAG to arrange a suitable licence.
Unfortunately, as eBooks cannot be physically returned, we are unable to offer refunds on successfully downloaded eBooks. Please check the title is what you want and the format is suitable for your device/browser before completing your purchase. If you wish to return a print book purchased as part of a bundle, we will consider a partial refund if the book is returned in a saleable condition but you will need to contact LAG directly, not Marston Book Services.
As well as those sold from our website, LAG eBooks are available in the Kindle format, sold through the Amazon Kindle Store. You don't need to have a Kindle reader to be able to use this format – you can download free Kindle Apps for your desktop (both Windows and Mac operating systems), your iPad/iPhone or your Android device, though the ePub eBooks sold from our website will work just as well on these devices! Kindle downloads can be found here. Read a review of one of our Kindle books.