LAG publications available for Kindle
As well as those sold from our website , LAG eBooks are available in the Kindle format, sold through the Amazon Kindle Store. You don't need to have a Kindle reader to be able to use this format – you can download free Kindle Apps for your desktop (both Windows and Mac operating systems), your iPad/iPhone or your Android device, though the ePub eBooks sold from our website will work just as well on these devices! The following LAG titles are available through the Kindle store. Please note that if you order your Kindle using the links below LAG will get a larger share of the selling price – so please do!
Adult Social Care Law – Stephen Knafler QC
Austerity Justice – Steve Hynes
Children in Need: local authority support for children and families – Ian Wise QC, Steve Broach, Jamie Burton, Caoilfhionn Gallagher, Alison Pickup, Ben Silverstone and Azeem Suterwalla
Community Care and the Law – Luke Clements
Court of Protection Handbook: a user's guide – Alex Ruck Keene, Kate Edwards, Anselm Eldergill and Sophy Miles
Criminal Costs: legal costs in the criminal courts – Anthony Edwards with Colin Beaumont
Defending Possession Proceedings – Jan Luba QC, Nic Madge, Derek McConnell, John Gallagher and Sam Madge-Wyld
Disabled Children: a legal handbook – Steve Broach, Luke Clements and Janet Read
Discrimination in Employment: a claims handbook – Declan O'Dempsey, Catherine Casserley, Sally Robertson and Anna Beale
Employment Tribunal Claims: tactics and precedents – Naomi Cunningham and Michael Reed
Extradition Law: a practitioner's guide – Edward Grange and Rebecca Niblock
Foreign National Prisoners: law and practice – Laura Dubinsky with Hamish Arnott and Alasdair Mackenzie
Homelessness and Allocations – Andrew Arden QC, Justin Bates and Toby Vanhegan
Housing Law Casebook – Nic Madge and Sam Madge-Wyld
Housing Law Handbook – Diane Astin
Inquests: a practitioner's guide – Leslie Thomas QC, Adam Straw, Daniel Machover, Danny Friedman QC
Judicial Review Proceedings: a practitioner's guide – Jonathan Manning, Sarah Salmon and Robert Brown
Legal Aid Handbook 2017/18 – Vicky Ling and Simon Pugh with Anthony Edwards
Leasehold Disputes – Frances Davey and Justin Bates
Making Mediation Work for You – Kate Aubrey-Johnson with Helen Curtis
Manual of Housing Law – Andrew Arden QC and Andrew Dymond
Mental Health Tribunal Handbook – Sarah Johnston, Sophy Miles and Dr Claire Royston
NHS Law and Practice – David Lock QC and Hannah Gibbs
Parole Board Hearings: law and practice – Hamish Arnott and Simon Creighton
Quiet Enjoyment: protection from rogue landlords – Andrew Arden QC, Robert Brown and Sam Madge-Wyld
Repairs: tenants' rights – Jan Luba QC, Deirdre Forster and Beatrice Prevatt
SEN and Disability Discrimination in Schools: a legal handbook – Sarah Hannett, Aileen McColgan and Elizabeth Prochaska