Homelessness: Suitability Challenges

Type:LAG Seminar
Last updated:2023-09-29
Description: Homelessness: Suitability Challenges
An online discussion with Diane Astin, author of Housing Law Handbook
Following the recent publication of the fifth edition of her renowned Housing Law Handbook, Diane Astin will be joining LAG for an online event where she will share her unmatched knowledge and insight.
There will be a presentation and discussion on recent developments from the Housing Law Handbook and tactics for the future, focussing on:
Recent cases on the Homelessness Reduction Act: the assessment duty and the Personalised Housing Plan (PHP).
Recent cases on suitability challenges – location and affordability.
This will be a short presentation followed by a discussion in which people can share their experience of approaches that have worked, and ideas about how to best to address the issues in a 'cost of living' crisis.
All attendees will receive a 10% discount code for Housing Law Handbook.