Rough Justice - The Birmingham Four

FormatGarden Court Chambers
Type:LAG Seminar
Last updated:2024-01-09
Description: Rough Justice - The Birmingham Four
LAG's second event on miscarriages of justice and those on the sharp end of the justice system focuses on the case of the Birmingham Four.
The Birmingham Four are four Muslim men from the Midlands - Naweed Ali, Khobaib Hussain, Mohibur Rahman and Tahir Aziz - presently serving life sentences having been convicted for planning a terrorist attack on UK soil. They not only claim that they are innocent but that they are victims of an operation by undercover police officers who planted evidence on them.
Join their lawyer Stephen Kamlish KC, the former Guantanamo Bay detainee Moazzam Begg and Mariam Hussain, sister of Khobaib Hussain for a screening of a new documentary: The Birmingham 4: A Grave Miscarriage of Justice. The evening's discussion will be chaired by Jon Robins, journalist and author.
The documentary is presented by Moazzam Begg.
‘There were cases in the 1970s and the early 1980s where West Midlands Police planted and fabricated evidence to such an extent that the squad responsible was completely disbanded and dozens of defendants convicted, one by one had their convictions quashed. This case rests on the police fabrication and mendacity in the clearest way.’ Gareth Peirce, human rights lawyer, on the Birmingham Four.
With thanks to Garden Court Chambers for sponsoring the event.
Justice Gap article on the Birmingham Four verdict:
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