Last updated:2023-09-18
Action heroes for justice
Justice for All (JfA), the campaign group composed of charities and other organisations opposed to cuts in legal aid and advice services, has called for a day of action on 3 June. The group, whose wide membership includes the Women’s Institute, Shelter and Citizens Advice, has launched a campaign pack to inspire its members to be 'action hero[es] for justice'.
The pack features a Lady Justice figure upgraded to an action hero and includes draft press releases, posters and letters to encourage members to engage in local and national campaigning work. Hackney Council recently became a supporter of the campaign and a model council motion is included in the pack to encourage other local councils to follow its lead. JfA aims to encourage local demonstrations and events to highlight the impact of the proposed legal aid and other cuts in advice services. It suggests members organise a silent march or rally in their local areas to emphasise that 'people's voices will be silenced without free legal advice'.
Advice in areas of law such as employment, welfare benefits, housing and debt will be cut if the government’s proposals for legal aid are implemented. JfA points out that help in these types of cases only makes up 2.5 per cent of the total legal aid budget. It is calling on the government to look at cutting the £134m spent on administering legal aid and argues that every pound spent on early advice leads to a saving of up to £10 in other costs to the state. LAG is a member of the campaign’s steering group and is urging organisations and individuals to both join JfA and support the Law Society’s Sound Off For Justice campaign.