Last updated:2023-09-18
Employment tribunal fee remissions rising
According to figures released by the Ministry of Justice last month, the number of partial and full fee remissions in employment tribunal (ET) cases is increasing.
In 66 per cent of cases in the quarter October–December 2015, the full fee was paid, while full or partial remission was granted in 1,400 cases (25 per cent), a five percentage point increase on the proportion amended in the equivalent period in 2014. Overall, the number of fee remissions showed a steady increase since July 2013 when the system was introduced.
The number of claims has greatly reduced since the introduction of fees, which cost applicants up to £1,200. The total number of jurisdictional claims disposed of in the quarter October–December 2015 was 21,538, around one-third of the figure before the fees were introduced.
Meanwhile, Unison, the trade union, has been granted permission by the Supreme Court to continue its legal challenge against the ET fees, having lost its case in the Court of Appeal in August last year (R (Unison) v Lord Chancellor [2015] EWCA Civ 935).