Last updated:2023-09-18
Post-LASPO rebrand for all law centres
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The Law Centres Network has now made it compulsory for all of its 44 member law centres to adopt the LCN logo.
The network, which was formerly known as the Law Centres Federation, rebranded itself as LCN three years ago.
Nimrod Ben-Cnaan, LCN head of policy and profile, told Legal Action the initiative for the rebrand came from the law centres themselves, and not LCN, as members ‘wanted a common visual identity that would distinguish them collectively and make each one locally recognisable as part of larger whole’. He believes it is also an opportunity to refresh their image and help with its ‘regeneration and reassertion as a movement in the face of LASPO’.
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Solicitor and academic Sara Chandler has been made an honorary QC.
Chandler, chair of LAG’s policy committee, has been appointed an honorary QC for her work on human rights and pro bono. Chandler worked as a housing solicitor before joining the College of Law to supervise its pro bono work. She is currently visiting professor at London South Bank University.
Chandler said her work for law centres ‘is at the core of this honour’, as she has been involved with the law centre movement for over 35 years. She also paid tribute to the many colleagues with whom she has worked in that time.