Make access to food a legal right
Marc Bloomfield
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We urge you to sign Fans Supporting Foodbanks’ petition demanding an enforceable human right to food in the UK. When the petition reaches 100,000 signatures, it will trigger a debate in parliament, but it needs action and support to reach that number before the 10 June deadline. Please do it now and then ask your family and friends to do the same.
Fans Supporting Foodbanks is a nationwide movement of football fans working to tackle poverty and hunger in their communities. During the pandemic, they saw the need grow for the support they provide in helping to feed families. They want their solidarity and efforts to mean something more than a charitable response. This means addressing the root causes of hunger and food poverty in the UK.
Jamie Burton QC, chair and co-founder of Just Fair, said:
This great initiative underlies what we all know – charity is not the way to solve hunger in the UK any more than it is the solution to healthcare or education. We need a cross-governmental commitment to end food insecurity backed up by legal guarantees. Otherwise, for how much longer will we have to live in Foodbank Britain? Please take this first step, sign the petition and force the politicians to tell us why they don’t want to see the end of hunger in the UK.

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