Authors:Legal Action Group
Last updated:2023-09-18
Inspiration at the Legal Wales conference
Marc Bloomfield
Description: Mick Antoniw MS at Legal Wales conference October 2022
The coastal town of Llandudno, named the best seaside town in Wales 2022, was the venue for the 19th Legal Wales conference on 7 October 2022. It was an inspiring mix of hope for what could be achieved with devolution of justice, and a reminder of the need to strengthen access to justice in Wales. Mick Antoniw MS, counsel general for Wales and minister for the constitution (pictured), called on the UK government to:
1stop the attacks on lawyers;
2ditch its most heinous legislation;
3fund the justice system and legal aid properly; and
4engage with the Commission on Justice in Wales.
In the afternoon’s plenary on Strengthening Access to Justice in Wales, Katherine Adams, the development manager for the North Wales Law Centre Steering Group, outlined why there was a need for a Law Centre and explained her work building partnerships and collaborations.
In the session titled International Criminal Justice: Past, Present and Future, Sir Howard Morrison KC captured the attention of the whole conference when he spoke of his work as a judge in the International Criminal Court.