S1 E1. David Renton discussing his new book Jobs and Homes

The first episode of the new LAG podcast features David Renton, author of Jobs and Homes: stories of the law in lockdown , in discussion with Simon Mullings.
David and Simon discuss this new book that is predicated on the simplest of propositions; that people need secure employment and they need secure shelter to manage and hopefully thrive in society. In this book Renton skilfully weaves together analysis of the politics that led to the societal inequalities that have been starkly exposed by the pandemic, with compassionate story-telling of the people he represents and the life of a legal aid lawyer.
David and Simon reflect on the experience of representing clients during lockdown, the effect of remote hearings on the experience and delivery of justice, and ways in which the law can and should change for the better.
Description: Episode 1 David Renton Jobs and Homes_ Stories of the Law in Lockdown (2)