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Manual of Housing Law
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The first edition of what is now the Manual of Housing Law was published in 1978, as Housing: Security and Rent Control. From its second edition, when it became the Manual, it was the singular text which brought together housing law as a subject for practitioners starting out in housing law, non-specialist practitioners who need ready access to the subject, lay advisers and students both of housing studies and of law as well as officers of local authorities and housing associations. It is designed to enable the reader both to understand housing law as a whole and to apply it, whether to the problems of individuals or the policies and practices of landlords and local authorities. That is its central message: housing law is a subject not to be studied in the abstract but to be applied. It is also an invaluable reference guide for busy practitioners who need a quick answer or source of reference at their fingertips.

Manual of Housing Law carries with it a history and wealth of experience. Andrew Arden has been writing about housing law for over 40 years. He is recognised as being at the forefront of the development of housing law, contributing to and helping to shape the subject through practice in leading housing cases up to the highest courts in the country over the same period. He has variously been described as the ‘pre-eminent expert’ on and ‘godfather’ of the subject. Andrew Dymond, also a founding member of Arden Chambers, is a leading expert on housing law. Together, they provide the most authoritative introduction to this area of law, taking the reader through the complex landscape in a clear and accessible style.

Contents include: classes of occupation ■ security of tenure and eviction ■ rent and other charges ■ other terms and rights ■ protection against rogue landlords ■ anti-social behaviour ■ domestic breakdown ■ regulation of social landlords ■ mobile homes and houseboats ■ homelessness and allocations ■ disrepair: contract and tort ■ housing conditions: standards, environmental health, overcrowding, multiple occupation and licensing

Manual of Housing Law is an invaluable guide to the law in England and Wales for lawyers, advisers and students of housing law: anyone who masters this book has mastered housing law.


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Andrew Arden KC was chair of the JUSTICE working party into the resolution of housing disputes, which proposed the HDS. He is former head of Arden...
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Andrew Dymond is a barrister at 4-5 Gray's Inn Chambers
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