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‘It would be hard to over hype this book. Without a shadow of a doubt it is the Bible for police station advisers. If you do not have a copy go and get one now.’

‘It is difficult to believe that a solicitor with a criminal practice dare leave his office without this work.’ Justice of the Peace

‘Every legal representative called on to advise clients in police stations should have reference to it.’ JCWI Bulletin

Defending Suspects at Police Stations is the definitive guide for those advising detainees at the police station. It is an essential purchase for solicitors, duty solicitors, custody officers, criminal law students and in particular for those preparing for police station accreditation.

Ed Cape’s authoritative guidance is unrivalled. Comprehensive yet highly accessible and practical, Cape provides the answers to every day practical questions and problems. Initial chapters explain the basic principles of defending clients at the investigative stage and examine the key provisions of PACE and the Codes of Practice. Subsequent chapters tackle the various stages of advising a client including taking instructions, advising on ‘silence’, interview strategies, samples and searches, identification procedures and the charge decision. The book also includes dedicated chapters on advising and assisting vulnerable clients, on enforcement of the PACE and Code provisions, and on advising immigration detainees.

The seventh edition of Defending Suspects at Police Stations is up to date to include the Policing and Crime Act 2017 with detailed coverage of the provisions concerning street bail, police bail without charge, re-arrest, use of live link for reviews of detention, and detention under the Mental Health Act 1983.

The appendices contain an updated version of PACE and a full set of the PACE Codes including the recently revised Codes C, D, and H. [NOTE the Codes are not in PDF format in the ebook. The content has been extracted. PDFs can be freely downloaded from]. There is a wealth of checklists, specimen letters, sample statements and forms as well as boxed summaries in each chapter so busy practitioners can see vital information at a glance.
PACE 1984 as reproduced in the printed version of the book is missing some recent amendments. An updated version of the Act and details of the changes can be downloaded below:
PACE 1984.pdf
Errata to Defending Suspects at Police Stations, 7th edition.pdf

About the author

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Ed Cape is Emeritus Professor of Criminal Law and Practice at the University of the West of England.