Defending possession proceedings
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'For the novice and the seasoned performer, this work should only be removed from the desk for the purpose of carriage to court.' New Law Journal

'If defending possession proceedings is the task facing you, then this is the book to use.' Solicitor's Journal

' ... a treasure trove of law and tactics in perfect harmony.' Journal of Housing Law
Defending possession proceedings is the key ‘homelessness prevention’ handbook – a comprehensive guide to all aspects of the law and practice relating to possession proceedings pursued against occupiers of residential property.
Dealing with the three principal types of occupier – social housing tenants, private tenants and owner-occupiers – Defending possession proceedings seeks to guide occupiers and their advisers in dealing with possession claims, tracing the court process from the initial notice given to the occupier right through to the aftermath of eviction. It is written in a user-friendly way, so that it contains information which is of use to the most experienced legal practitioner, yet is still understandable to the least experienced housing adviser.
Defending possession proceedings is an essential purchase for all advice workers, solicitors and barristers advising or representing any party involved in or threatened with possession claims.

About the author

Description: Jan Luba QC - author
Jan Luba QC is a senior circuit judge and a designated civil judge.

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