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Extradition law: a practitioner's guide
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Read 'Upheavals in extradition law' in Legal Action September 2021
‘This book may be short but it packs a big punch. It takes you by the hand and guides you through the pitfalls that await the unwary … Each new judge, or ‘appropriate judge’ I should say, should be given a copy of this book. It provides the perfect introduction to the complexities of the work ahead.’ Mrs Justice Arbuthnot DBE from her foreword
'Definitive, practical, and very much up to date, this book can be considered truly indispensable for all practitioners in this field.' Phillip Taylor, Richmond Chambers
Reviews of previous editions:
‘The existing works on extradition are weighty tomes which should, as they say, 'be on the shelves of every good law library'. However, there is now no need for the practitioner to break the bank by purchasing one or break one's back by lugging it to court. As of 2014 Grange and Niblock is the one essential work.’ Law Society Gazette

'The beauty of this book though is not just in its clear and accurate analysis of the law, but for its practical emphasis … It is now very difficult to envisage why any competent advocate would go to Westminster Magistrates' Court without having installed this relatively compact (and ridiculously cheap) book on their phone or other electronic device of choice. The authors have done an absolutely splendid job - well done! ' Andrew Keogh, Crimeline
Extradition law: a practitioner’s guide is an essential guide to extradition law for those representing requested persons. it balances a clear and thorough explanation of the law with practical tips on representing the client and preparing the case.
The authors have extensive experience of defending individuals in extradition hearings and appeals and understand the need for a practical, accessible and easy to navigate handbook for both new and seasoned practitioners. Extradition law takes the reader on a step-by-step journey through the first extradition hearing with bail considerations, on to a contested hearing, and to an appeal hearing. It considers both Part 1 (Arrest Warrant) and Part 2 cases.
This edition includes all the changes to extradition law post-Brexit as set out in the surrender provisions of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) between the United Kingdom and the European Union. The third edition includes:
consideration of key points of uncertainty arising from the new surrender arrangements post-Brexit
a new chapter looking in detail at the arrest warrant under the surrender provisions in the TCA
a new section on proportionality in light of the TCA
a revised chapter on human rights
the latest case law on bars to extradition and grounds for refusal under the TCA
updated guidance on extradition requests from outside the European Union
revised chapters on how to deal with an initial hearing under the Extradition Act 2003, preparing for a contested extradition hearing and the contested extradition hearing itself
an updated chapter on appeals, including latest guidance from the Administrative Court
Contents include: Practical considerations; Looking at a TCA arrest warrant; Attending the client; Bars to extradition; Human rights and proportionality; The initial hearing in arrest warrant cases; Extradition requests from outside the European Union (EA 2003 Part 2 requests); Preparing for the contested hearing; The contested extradition hearing; Appeals; Ancillary matters
Extradition law: a practitioner’s guide is written with the duty solicitor in mind but is essential reading for all solicitors, barristers and appropriate judges acting in extradition proceedings, from the magistrates’ court to the High Court.
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About the author

Description: Edward Grange - author
Edward is a partner at Corker Binning.
Description: Rebecca Niblock - author
Rebecca is a partner at Kingsley Napley.
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