Publisher:Legal Action Group
Series:legal aid
Giving legal advice: an adviser's handbook
Description: 9781908407436
‘A best practice guide for advisers and lawyers ... it contains detailed information about all stages of the advice-giving process and an overview of the legal processes and system.’ Independent Adviser

‘Anyone seeking to develop a career in the legal advice field would be well advised to pick up this book.’ ChildRIGHT

Giving legal advice: an adviser’s handbook is a unique guide to the best practice, skills and tactics for advising clients and conducting cases. The basic principles of giving advice and resolving clients’ problems are explained in a highly practical way. Key areas of social welfare law are outlined and each topic is helpfully illustrated with flow-charts and sample documentation.

Since the first edition of this book (published as The Adviser’s Toolkit) there has been a significant reduction in the funding and availability of legal advice services. New models of advice services are emerging in an attempt to fill the gap left by government cuts and there are growing numbers of self-representing individuals – litigants in person – who need as much help and guidance as possible to navigate the legal system.

Contents include guidance on:
• Funding legal advice and paying for advice
• studying, qualifying and becoming an adviser
• core adviser skills
• adviser/client relationship
• taking instructions, identifying needs and moving a case forward
• external influences on the adviser/client relationship
• strategies for dealing with vulnerable clients
• interview skills
• giving and recording advice
• advocating for the client
• case management
• case resolution: courts and tribunals and ADR
• understanding the legal system and how to undertake legal research
• general advice for litigants in person
• advice for the litigant in person in courts and tribunals

Appendices include sample letters, court documents and statements, useful resources, National Occupational Standards in legal advice, glossary and an outline of key areas of social welfare law

Giving legal advice: an adviser’s handbook will be invaluable to all those engaged in advice provision in order to give as many individuals as possible access to justice through information, support and help with securing their rights.

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