Publisher:Legal Action Group
Series:civil justice,prison law
Parole board hearings: law and practice
Description: 9781908407283
‘[An] indispensable book. Once again the authors are to be congratulated on producing a work which is comprehensive, balanced, logically set out and very readable ... All concerned with the parole system, in whatever capacity, will benefit from access to this latest edition.’ Sir David Calvert-Smith, Chairman of the Parole Board for England and Wales (from his foreword)

‘This is a quite superb book, written with clarity and authority.’ Crimeline

‘This book is a “must-have” for prison libraries.’ Prison Libraries Journal

Parole Board Hearings: law and practice continues to be the only book dedicated to covering the decision-making powers and procedures of the Parole Board. It provides practical and detailed guidance on parole processes, including recall, for those serving both determinate and indeterminate sentences.

In the four years since publication of the second edition, the pace of change continues. There have been significant developments in the parole review process. It is vital that practitioners have a text book which brings up to date the current state of parole law and the powers and duties of the Parole Board.

The appendices contain the Parole Board Rules, relevant statutory extracts, directions and guidance and a list of useful contacts.

Parole Board Hearings: law and practice is essential reading for lawyers, advisers, prisoners and their families, and all those working within prisons and for the prison and probation services and related bodies.

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Description: Simon Creighton
Simon Creighton is a consultant at Bhatt Murphy solicitors in London.
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Hamish Arnott is a consultant at Bhatt Murphy solicitors in London.