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Housing Conditions: tenants' rights
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[LAG] publications about tenants’ rights have become essential resources for anyone working in this area. I would go as far as to say that it would be reckless to even think about doing this legal work without the LAG book. ... It is more than just an important book. It is an essential tool of the trade for housing law practitioners and advisers. If you don’t have this updated edition – stop what you are doing and get a copy now…' Steve Cornforth, Amazon review
‘This is an excellent book. No one should even consider advising or representing tenants with disrepair unless they have a copy.’ New Law Journal
Housing Conditions: tenants’ rights is the definitive legal guide to bad housing conditions in rented accommodation in England. It covers the private rented sector, council housing and homes let by housing associations or other social landlords. Previously titled Repairs: tenants’ rights, it has long been recognised as the essential text for all housing advisers and lawyers dealing with disrepair and other adverse conditions affecting residents in rented housing accommodation.
The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018, which came into force in March 2019, is the biggest advance in tenants’ rights relating to housing conditions for a generation. Initially, it will require all new lettings to be of homes fit for habitation and that they be kept fit. It will further come to apply to virtually all residential tenancies whenever granted.
This new edition takes a broader approach to housing conditions in the light of the new Act and this is reflected in the new title and also a significant revision and restructuring of the content.
The text of the book is now concerned more generally with problems arising from the poor condition of much rented housing. It deals with fitness for human habitation and with health and safety issues going well beyond the traditional concern of lawyers and other advisers with the topic of repair/disrepair (while also dealing with those issues).
Housing Conditions: tenants’ rights outlines what tenants can do to obtain better conditions themselves, but also what local councils, responsible for housing conditions in their areas, can do to help them achieve improved conditions.
Contents include:
landlords' obligations
enforcing rights
private tenants: involving the local council
proceedings under the Environmental Protection Act 1990
criminal proceedings and rogue landlords
infestations, hazards and absence of amenities
Practical step-by-step guidance on how to bring a disrepair claim
Extensive set of precedents with worked examples used at all stages of the court process, extracts from legislation and helpful guidance on technical information
Housing Conditions: tenants’ rights is about bad housing conditions in rented accommodation in England. It is primarily written for the assistance of the occupiers of that housing and their advisers, but it will also be useful to landlords, providers of accommodation and to those who advise them.
Written and structured in an accessible and practical way, it is an indispensable resource for both non-lawyers and busy practitioners.

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