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Police Station Adviser's Handbook
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Police Station Adviser’s Handbook is an indispensable guide to providing immediate advice in criminal investigations. Attendance at investigative interviews and at a police station requires representatives to be able quickly to respond to unusual, unexpected and rapidly changing events so that they may fully represent the best interests of their client. They must also have a full understanding of the relevant law so that the best advice can be given.

Police Station Adviser’s Handbook is designed to be clear and accessible to all those who advise and require immediate assistance as to practice or the law. It is easy to navigate and includes tables, flowcharts and cross references to facilitate quick reading and instant decision-making. It will assist newly qualified representatives as well as experienced advisers

The handbook is divided into four parts. First, a useful aide memoire and checklist on the key elements to police station advice, followed by an outline of the modes of participation (routes to criminality). There follow comprehensive summaries of the common offences and critically the defences available to them as well as a section on general defences. There are useful appendices with checklists, guidance and practice notes from The Law Society.

The handbook covers routine police station cases as well as interviews with statutory bodies such as the SFO, FCA, NCA and Border Force as well as terrorist, immigration and armed forces cases.

The new Police Station Adviser’s Handbook is the perfect companion to Defending Suspects at Police Stations and together they provide police station advisers with the perfect toolkit. Defending Suspects at Police Stations is the definitive, comprehensive guide to advice and representation at the police station and now Police Station Adviser’s Handbook provides a quick, portable and accessible guide for police station advisers.

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Anthony Edwards was a solicitor and higher courts advocate (criminal) with TV Edwards LLP.
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Matthew Hardcastle is a partner at Kingsley Napley.
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