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‘We have – at last – a much needed new resource for practitioners in the field of adult social care law … this is a text for inexperienced as well as experienced practitioners… an invaluable summary of the legislative context … a huge range of topics … The book exudes learning based on practical experience in the day to day work of a legal practitioner in this field … This is likely to become one of ‘must have’ texts for community care practitioners.’ Karen Ashton, Elder Law Journal
‘By adding the extracts from key legislation and guidance to the case summaries, together with succinct overviews of the provisions, he has managed to pull together an incredibly useful resource for anyone practising in the area. … Throughout the book, the fruits of careful editorial decisions shine through and reflect Stephen Knafler’s huge expertise in the area.’ Alex Ruck Keene, Mental Capacity Law and Policy
‘[This] is an excellent book … whilst good for people coming new to the subject is also of use to seasoned practitioners. Someone with a basic grasp could spend a day with a chapter in this book and come over almost expert on the subject.’ Local authority solicitor
This comprehensive new book guides all those advising people needing care and support through the overlapping web of legislation, guidance and case-law that makes up the complex field of adult social care law. Adult Social Care Law is essential reading for lawyers, advisers, carers, health and social care professionals, local authorities and regulators.
Adult Social Care Law brings together all the significant domestic and European cases that form the basis of adult social care law and many other cases in overlapping areas such as the NHS, mental health and support for asylum-seekers and persons from abroad.
The author, having appeared in many leading cases in the High Court, Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court, the Court of Justice of the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights, is ideally placed to provide expert commentary and analysis of the judgments and explain the relevance of older cases within the framework of the Care Act 2014 and associated statutory guidance.
Each chapter begins with an overview of the legal framework of legislation and guidance to provide context to the cases that are digested chronologically within themes. Over 500 case summaries are presented with a succinct headnote, a clear outline of facts and a summary of the judgment - often with extensive citations - to aid the busy practitioner to quickly and efficiently identify the most relevant cases as well as save valuable research time with extensive signposting to the most important resources.
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About the author

Stephen Knafler QC - author
Stephen Knafler QC is the founder and general editor of the Community Care Law Reports. He is based at Landmark Chambers.