Last updated:2023-09-18
Low Commission’s Wales Manifesto receives encouraging welcome
Lord Colin Low launched a Wales Manifesto for Advice at an event at the Welsh Assembly last month. The manifesto is intended to build on the work the Low Commission has been undertaking in Wales and to influence the next Welsh government. In his speech, Lord Low praised the current Welsh government for being ‘able to use [its] budgets creatively to support advice’.
Assembly members from the main political parties in Wales attended the launch event, along with representatives from the legal advice sector in Wales. Lesley Griffiths AM, the Welsh government minister for communities and tackling poverty, welcomed the manifesto and outlined the progress that has been made in Wales towards establishing a quality mark for advice. She also said that the National Advice Network (NAN), established by the Welsh government, was ‘undertaking an extensive mapping exercise of advice services’ and would be producing a bilingual map of the services available in Wales.
The NAN is chaired by Bob Chapman, who is also a member of the Low Commission. Chapman is a former Citizens Advice Bureau manager and was the acting director for the Legal Services Commission in Wales. He believes the Low Commission has played a part in embedding ‘a collaborative approach to advice services’ between the Welsh government and the advice sector.
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LAG’s director, Steve Hynes, also spoke at the launch event. He emphasised ‘the crucial role charities like LAG and other NGOs have in disseminating information about the law, especially as devolution is leading to a distinctly Welsh body of law about which both lawyers and the public need information’.