Last updated:2023-09-18
Consultation provides new opportunities for law reform
Where is the law not working? Where has it fallen out of step with what modern society needs or wants?
The Law Commission is asking for help in identifying the priority areas for law reform. The commission’s four-month consultation is open to anyone who works with or in the law or whose life is affected by it: legal professionals; academics; organisations in the public, voluntary, business and private sectors; parliamentarians; government; and the public.
Law Commission chairman, Sir David Bean (pictured), said: ‘This consultation is an important opportunity to help shape the future priorities for law reform in England and Wales. We want to know about problems that make the law unfair, inefficient, out of date or inaccessible.’
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‘Whatever impact the referendum has on the legal landscape, we must not forget that there are still many other areas of the law that cause real problems for our citizens and require urgent reform. The need for modern, simple and accessible law remains as great as ever.’
The commission is also seeking feedback on suggestions for potential projects reviewing the law relating to:
the provision of children’s social care
banks’ duties to customers
the conduct of public inquiries
tackling offensive internet communications
confiscation of the proceeds of criminal conduct
business, agricultural and residential leaseholds
legislative standards, and a programme of codification, for Wales