Authors:Nim Moorthy
Last updated:2023-09-18
In praise of: Molly Roberts
It is not uncommon for LAG to receive emails asking for more information on access to justice issues. This was exactly what happened back in April when Molly Roberts contacted us. She had come across LAG on the web and was happy to discover that one of our patrons is Mrs Justice Cox, whose judgments she’d been reading, and asked if we had any advice on how she could follow in her footsteps.
What was extraordinary, however, was that Molly is only 12! Suffice to say, we were keen to provide encouragement and invited her to visit the LAG offices. And so it was that, on the first day of her summer holidays, Molly, accompanied by her 10-year-old brother Joshua and her mother Esther Mills-Roberts, came to London for a packed day.
Amy Pertwee and Sajid Suleman, two caseworkers at the Bar Pro Bono Unit, shared their experiences of studying law and seeking a training contract and pupillage respectively, as well as their motivations for becoming lawyers. The family visited the Rolls Building, where LAG author and Upper Tribunal judge Edward Jacobs took the time to chat with them. They then headed to the Royal Courts of Justice to see another LAG author, circuit judge Jan Luba QC, where they tried on his wig and gowns, and took a turn in the defence stands. Finally, we passed on a letter from Mrs Justice Cox giving Molly helpful suggestions and general encouragement.
Molly wrote to thank us and said she was more determined than ever to pursue her dreams of working in the law and promoting and safeguarding equal access to justice. With the pressures on legal aid and increased tuition fees, it is not difficult to feel gloomy about the future of access to justice. But meeting Molly, and realising others of her ilk exist, has given us cause for optimism.